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NutriScription HD is changing it's name to Echelon

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Services Offered

Grid & Zone Soil Sampling

VR Fertility Rx

VR Planting Rx

As-applied & As-Planted Maps

Veris™ EC Mapping

Yield Data Processing

Yield / Variety Analysis

Field Trial Verification

Aerial Imagery Analysis

Electronic Scouting Records

Real-time Equipment Tracking

Remote File Transfer

Introducing Echelon

CPS is rebranding the NutriScription HD program as Echelon.  The Echelon platform includes best in class solutions for precision soil sampling, variable rate nutrient and seeding recommendations, yield data analysis, weather monitoring, precision field scouting, aerial imagery analysis, record keeping and reporting. Echelon’s compatibility with most major equipment and controller manufacturers enables growers to access and act on their data from one system. 

Under the Echelon brand, CPS will remain committed to providing grower customers easy access to their information and expanding the technology solutions it provides with continued focus on seeding rates, nitrogen management and advanced analytics. Echelon is currently available in the US and Canada

Contact Neal Horrom @ 239-633-9523 or for more information. 


How do you access your Echelon user account?

If you have an existing NutriScription HD user account you can continue to login on this page or from  Your existing username and password will continue to work from either site.

Please contact the CPS Mobile Helpdesk if you experience issues logging in

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